Filling in the Fauna- Landscape scale ecological restoration through reintroduction of locally extinct and rare native fauna

What is "Filling in the Fauna"?

Filling in the Fauna was a day-long forum and workshop organised by Fred Ford in conjunction with NSW DECC, and hosted at the Gungahlin Homestead site of CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. One of the primary motivations for organising the day was that the scale of faunal loss revealed by TRIN research on eastern NSW subfossil deposits is generally not known to managers or researchers, who tend to consider these communities relatively intact compared to those of arid and semi-arid Australia. This is not the case for the small terrestrial mammals, which probably suffered the same high rates of local extinction as their dryland counterparts and could be candidates for future re-introduction programs into the well-reserved forests of eastern NSW. Although the day had a NSW focus to assist the current review of the state translocation policy, discussions recognised the obvious need to address questions at less artificial scales (ecosystems or species distributions) as well as within regulatory boundaries. A proceedings document is being prepared, which will be avilable from the TRIN webpage once it is released. The discussions on these Wiki pages will be important to the final makeup of that document, and to the current review of the NSW DECC translocations policy.

The purpose and outcomes of the day proposed in the invite were:

-To provide an understanding of the scale of biodiversity decline throughout NSW in areas perceived to be relatively intact and "natural"

-To make the case for more active and direct management of fauna

-To identify obstacles to active management of fauna

-To develop a strategic, co-ordinated and landscape-scale program with DECC as the lead agency

Discussion Topics

Several key discussion topics were highlighted by the workshops and other correspondance. Given the limited time on the day it was always planned to host discussion of these in a Wiki environment. Click on links below to enter discussion pages. Each page allows you to add a statement(s) of your opinion on a topic, or comment on a previously added statement. Instructions on how to take part in discussions are provided on each page.

If you know of any translocation that has been conducted anywhere in Australia, please add this to the Table of NSW introductions. One of the clear outcomes of the day was that there is a lot going on, or that has happened in the past, that isn't generally known to the broader conservation community.

When is it appropriate to translocate or manipulate native fauna?

Who should be conducting introductions, private or government sector?

Ownership of animals

Federal coordination of translocations

Should DECC be driving, coordinating or merely regulating translocation programs?


How do we gauge success of reintroductions?

Table of NSW introductions

-- FredFord - 19 Jan 2009