DECC leadership for NSW re-introductions

A clear statement of the role of translocations/introductions in fauna conservation

DECC is the body responsible for the welfare of wildlife in the state. Translocations and reintroductions can be a valuable tool. During the forum the need for a clear statement by the department about where translocations, breeding programs and reintroductions fit into the broader sheme of conservation prgrams was raised several times. This topic is closely related to When are translocations appropriate?, but deals more with the question of DECC providing a clear statement of the role and importance of such programs, and how they relate to other intititives and management tools, rather than the specifics of what species, where, what population sizes etc.


DECC managed land

DECC now manages the majority of high-value conservation lands in many parts of the state. Often these reserve the obvious locations for reintroduction programs, and proper integration of faunal recovery programs into park management plans could be the best way to ensure adeqaute long-term maintenance and the best chance of success.


Off-reserve conservation initiatives

Vast amounts of effort and money have gone into the development of community conservation programs (tree plantings, wildlife corridors), private sector sanctuaries, landscape linkage projects (Great Eastern Ranges etc) and vegetation clearing reforms. While far from complete, the modern conservation landscape in many places is probably the best it has been for well over 150 years in terms of land managaers attitudes, physical habitat, and the capacity to implement landscape scale programs. Most landscape programs are vegetation-focussed, and the time seems right to start planning ways in which to integrate faunal recovery and management into these programs.


-- FredFord - 19 Jan 2009