Project Updates

We would like to put out one media release for the verts project before the end of the year.

As the story we are hoping to feature is 'visually stimulating' (CT scanner, owl pellets, caves, teeth and bones and scientists!) we would like to do a vodcast at the same time, so that when the release goes out, audiences can access a longer vodcast on, linked through from the TRIN website. I have put together a few questions below to assist in our preparation:


What are the key messages you would like to convey at this stage of the project? i.e. are we using new methods? Or is our combination of methods (owl pellet findings, scanner) a combination of new methods? Do we have vastly improved information? and if so, does it have implications at this stage on conservation efforts?


What other key messages can you highlight for the project, such as new species etc as even though would like to focus on owl story initially, others can be told in our newsletter or on the TRIN web.


Is anyone doing similar work? Trying to establish how unique this work is, especially sourcing owl pellets.


What is the story around type specimens and owl pellets- how do they relate? Are type specimens hard to access and therefore owl pellet material useful as of similar age and able to 'dismantle' and access in Australia? How has this changed taxonomic work relating to verts if at all?


A vodcast would typically include an interview, a 'lab' shot and a location shot. So for this story, it would be good to include Fred answering a few questions and talking about the project, Fred using the CT scanner and at a cave, lofty ambitions?! This could be set up, or tie in with your next visit. What are the possibilities of doing this?


-- KathrynFarry - 19 Oct 2009