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Pinch points

Taxonomic Process Project

Project Overview


  • Identify pinch points i.e. bottlenecks or impediments in the taxonomic workflow.
    • Identify points where information technology can (or can't) facilitate workflow, particularly with regard to bottlenecks.
  • Specify parts of the process where information capture occurs
    1. Identify methods by which information can be captured in compliance with the appropriate biodiversity standards
    2. Such that all information need be entered only once in order to be available to all demands for that information, including publication processes, and
    3. Ensure that no information is lost during the process.


Systems analysis of the stages of the taxonomic process

  1. Flowcharts
  2. Consultation with Taxonomists
    • Workshops
    • Interviews
    • Structured questionnaires

The taxonomic process is a complex and not necessarily linear business. As a first approximation, we are treating the taxonomic process as a series of linked but 'discrete' stages. At a coarse level, each stage consists of a series of linked components, activities and outputs. We then drill down into the components to examine them in finer detail, building flowcharts of the sub-processes, and so forth.

The project overview page provides the overview, rationale and status of this project. It provides links to pages discussing the stages of the Taxonomic process and to the project work plan.

We welcome your input to improve our understanding of the stages of taxonomy. Please contact us directly or join the email list (described below).



People involved in the project:


Meetings, Conferences and other activities of interest to TRIN and Australian taxonomists.


Taxonomic Process Web Utilities

  • Taxonomic Process Wiki page map?
  • Find orphan pages?

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