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Xyroptila peltastes (Meyrick, 1908)


  • Oxyptilus peltastes Meyrick, 1908


Meyrick's original description of Oxyptilus peltastes reads[1]:

Oxyptilus peltastes, n.sp.

♂ 12-13 mm. Head and thorax ferruginous-brown mixed with dark fuscous, sometimes pale-sprinkled, metathorax pale yellow. Palpi sickle-shaped, acute, ferruginous, terminal joint and apex of second somewhat whitish-sprinkled, anterior edge blackish. Antennae blackish, whitish-sprinkled. Abdomen deep chestnut-bronze-brown, basal segment and apical margin of second and third whitish, fourth segment with two pale or whitish dorsal patches. Legs golden-bronze, spurs and tarsi suffused with dark fuscous, posterior tibiae with whorls of dark fuscous spines near base and on origin of spurs. Fore-wings cleft from 3/5, first segment rather narrow, second posteriorly dilated, its apex produced, termen concave, oblique; deep chestnut-brown, thinly sprinkled throughout with white; costal edge dark fuscous; whitish-ochreous dots or small spots on first segment at base and on costa before its middle and towards apex: cilia ochreous-whitish, with blackish patches at angles of both segments, black bars on dorsum at middle and 3/4, and some grey suffusion towards base of cleft. Hind-wings cleft firstly from 2/5, secondly from near base, segments linear; dark fuscous, towards base and on third segment suffused with ferruginous; cilia light yellowish, suffused with grey towards apex of first two segments, third segment with a small black apical scale-tuft.

Queensland (Cairns), in October (Dodd); four specimens.

Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin provided a redescription of the lectotype from Cairns, QLD, as follows[2]:

External characters of the lectotype. Head, thorax, and tegulae, reddish-brown. Labial palpi brown at the extremity, white at the base, twice as long than the diameter of the eye, forward-pointing, with the 3rd section darker than the 2nd. Antennae chequered, dark-brown with greyish rings. Forewing length 13 mm. Wings bright reddish-brown. Forewing with yellow spots and patches of white scales. Outer margin of both lobes concave, especially on the 2nd. Fringe greyish-yellow inside the cleft, with patches of dark hair close to its base and outer margin. The fringe along the hind margin of the forewing light-brown, with patches of dark hair at the base, in the center, and at the apex. Hindwings plain reddish-brown; the 3rd lobe is half the length of the 2nd and bears a cluster of dark scales on its tip. Hind legs dark-brown, tarsi and the bases of the spurs almost black.


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  2. Kovtunovich, V.N. & Ustjuzhanin, P.Y., 2006, The genus Xyroptila Meyrick, 1908 in the world fauna: new species, new records and taxonomical comments (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae) (Atalanta (September 2006) 37 (1/2): 249-276)


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