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Xyroptila marmarias Meyrick, 1908


Meyrick's original description reads[1]:

Xyroptila marmarias, n.sp.

♂, ♀, 11-12 mm. Head golden-bronze, mixed with dark fuscous. Palpi golden-ochreous, anterior edge blackish. Antennae dark grey. Thorax coppery-bronze, mixed with white posteriorly, anterior half bright golden. Abdomen bright golden-bronze, base of first segment yellowish-white, margins of second and third segments more or less whitish, towards middle and apex more or less suffused with dark coppery-fuscous. Legs golden-bronze, spurs and tarsi suffused with dark fuscous, posterior tibiae with whorls of spines near base and at origin of spurs. Fore-wings cleft from 3/5 , first segment rather narrow, second posteriorly dilated, its apex produced, termen concave, oblique; very deep ferruginous, costal edge dark fuscous; markings deep yellow, more developed and larger in ♀; some irregular small spots or strigulae anteriorly, and a larger spot before middle; first segment with a transverse mark at base, a costal spot in middle, and a transverse mark near apex ; second segment with a spot towards base and a transverse mark near termen : cilia yellowish tinged with rosy, with blackish patches at angles of both segments, and two blackish bars on dorsum. Hind-wings cleft firstly from 2/5, secondly from near base, segments linear; dark fuscous; anterior part of disc and most of third segment in ♂ deep ferruginous, in ♀ bright golden; cilia pale shining rosy, tinged with purplish-grey on costa and towards apex of first two segments.

Queensland (Cairns), in October (Dodd); two specimens.

Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin provided a redescription of the lectotype from Cairns, QLD, as follows[2]:

External characters of the lectotype. Head, thorax, and tegulae, light brown. The labial palpi are almost three times longer than the diameter of the eye and pointed like elephant tusks, their 3rd section being darker than the 2nd. Antennae dark-brown. Forewing length 11 mm. Wings bright reddish-brown. Forewing with yellow spots. Outer margin of both lobes concave. Fringe yellow inside the cleft, with patches of dark hair only at the tips of the lobe. The fringe along the hind margin of the forewing is yellow, with patches of dark hair situated under the base of the cleft and at the tip of the 2nd lobe. Hindwings plain reddish-brown; the 3rd lobe is half the length of the 2nd and there is no cluster of dark scales at the tip. Hind legs yellow, tarsi noticeably darkened.


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  2. Kovtunovich, V.N. & Ustjuzhanin, P.Y., 2006, The genus Xyroptila Meyrick, 1908 in the world fauna: new species, new records and taxonomical comments (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae) (Atalanta (September 2006) 37 (1/2): 249-276)


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