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Platyptilia sp. nr. microbscura Gielis & de Vos, 2007


The South Australian Museum (SAMA) holds a single specimen close to the image and description of Platyptilia microbscura. The SAMA specimen is labelled simply "Kuranda" and presumably comes from the collection of F.P. Dodd since SAMA holds a number of other pterophorid specimens of apparently similar age (c. 1905-1907) collected by Dodd in Kuranda.


Gielis and de Vos described Platyptilia microbscura from specimens collected from Misool Island in Indonesia[1].



  1. Gielis, C. & de Vos, R., 2007, Additions to the Pterophoridae (Lepidoptera) fauna of Papua (Entomofauna 28(16): 185-200)


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