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Oxyptilus regulus Meyrick, 1906


Meyrick's original description reads[1]:

Oxyptilus regulus, n. sp.

♂. 16 mm. Head and thorax fuscous, irrorated with blackish. Palpi white, mixed with blackish, second joint reaching middle of face, terminal joint rather shorter than second. Abdomen fuscous, with dorsal series of undefined blackish marks. Forewings cleft from before 2/3, first segment parallel-sided, subfalcate, second narrow, posteriorly dilated, apex abruptly and moderately produced; fuscous, irrorated with dark fuscous and blackish; an undefined spot of dark suffusion above base of cleft; a broad dark fuscous band on first segment beyond its middle, preceded on costa by a small pale suffusion, and edged posteriorly by a rather outwardly oblique incurved white line; some dark suffusion on second segment before apex; cilia light fuscous, on termen with black basal line, on lower margin of first segment mixed at base with white and elsewhere with black scales, on upper margin of second segment with scattered black scales, on dorsum with three small black scale-teeth near base, some scattered black scales towards middle, a black scale-tooth before cleft, another at 1/4 of second segment, preceded and followed by ochreous-whitish spaces, beyond these mixed with black scales. Hindwings cleft firstly from 1/3, secondly from near base, segments linear; rather dark fuscous; cilia fuscous, on upper margin of third segment with a few black scales towards apex, on lower margin with a very large black triangular scale-projection occupying apical third, five small black scale-teeth between this and base, and two very minute, almost basal.

Two specimens, Miskeliya, Ceylon, in March and July (Pole).

Life Cycle

Oxyptilus regulus feeds on seeds of Vitis vinifera (grape vine) and can move between grapes to do so[2].


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  2. Subramaniam, T.V., 1940, Bionomics of a Grape Boring Plume Moth (Oxyptilus regulus, Meyr.) in South India. (Bulletin of Entomological Research (1940), 30: 471-473) - Online


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