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Hellinsia balanotes (Meyrick, 1908)


  • Oidaematophorus balanotes (Meyrick, 1908)
  • Pterophorus balanotes Meyrick, 1908
  • Pterophorus aquila Meyrick, 1908
  • Hellensia balanotes (Meyrick) (misspelling in AICN and Sims-Chilton et al.[1])


The large size of Hellinsia balanotes readily distinguishes it from all other Pterophoridae found in Australia, although several similar species of Hellinsia are found in North America.

Hellinsia balanotes Hellinsia balanotes

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Life Cycle

Hellinsia balanotes is a North American species which was introduced into south-eastern Queensland in 1985 as a biocontrol agent for Baccharis halimifolia L.[2].


  • Cashatt[3] reviews the species in the balanotes group and illustrates the genitalia of both sexes.
  • Palmer and Haseler[2] describe the introduction of the Hellinsia balanotes into Australia
  • The Barcode of Life All-Leps campaign has barcode sequences for Hellinsia balanotes
  • The North American Moth Photographers Group has a number of photographs of the species
  • The Larvae of Australian Moths website has illustrations of the larva, pupa and adult of the species


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