About MX

You can read more about MX at http://hymenoptera.tamu.edu/wiki/index.php/Main_Page quote

"mx is a collaborative web-based content management system for evolutionary systematists, particularly those working on descriptive taxonomy. The project is in active development, with features being added as needed to those using the system.

The long term goals of mx are as follows:
  • the desire to ultimately capture all data pertinent to a modern taxonomic revision (including phylogenetic data) during the revisionary process such that simultaneous publication of all data in print and electronic forms is possible
  • the development of a web-based multi-user front end whose components may also be used (or translated relatively seamlessly) for public display of data
  • the implementation of a taxon-concept based OTU ('O'perational 'T'axonomic 'U'nit) as the core data object, such that published and unpublished (working) concepts can be managed
  • the use of freely available software (including the mx sourcecode) in an aggressively open-source framework"

What's it being used for?

"mx presently handles a wide range of data. Researchers are presently using it to manage morphological matrices, specimen and sequence data, references, taxonomic descriptions, bifurcating and multi-entry keys, biological associations, images, collecting events, taxonomic hierarchies, ontologies and more. The database currently has both private and public front ends, each of which are web based.

A summary of the available features is here. A list of projects with publicly accessible front ends is available here. A list of labs, publications, talks, and meetings that have utilized or referenced mx is available here."

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