TRIN Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Taxonomic Workshop Series

This page provides access to keys and presentations from the TRIN Aquatic Insect Taxonomic Workshops. We have provided a feedback section so any errors or difficulties encountered in the keys can be reported.


Year Author Key Version Format Feedback
2010 Jeff Webb & Phil Suter Larvae of Australian Baetidae** 1.0 Lucid Feedback
2010 Phil Suter & Jeff Webb Key to the Genera of Adult Mayflies of Australia** 0.1 Lucid Feedback
2010 Jeff Webb & Phil Suter Larvae of Australian Baetidae: to be published as a Museum Victoria Science Report; a link will be provided when it becomes available   Dichotomous Feedback
2010 Phil Suter & Jeff Webb Key_to_the_Genera_of_Male_Adult_Mayflies_of_Australia   Dichotomous Feedback
2009 Chris P. Madden Key to genera of larvae of Australian Chironomidae (Diptera): Museum Victoria Science Report 12   Dichotomous Feedback
2009 Phillip Suter, Jeff Webb and Darryl Rowe Key to the mature nymphs of Coloburiscoides (Lestage) (Ephemeroptera: Coloburiscidae).: Museum Victoria Science Report 14   Dichotomous Feedback
2009 Adrian Pinder Tools for identifying selected Australian aquatic oligochaetes (Clitellata: Annelida): Museum Victoria Science Report 13   Dichotomous Feedback
**Note: Lucid Keys in HTML are provided in a compressed zip format. Downloaded keys can be opened in any web browser with the Java Runtime Environment installed. Download Java software from here.


Year Presenter Presentation
2010 Jeff Webb Australian Baetidae
2010 Phil Suter Adult_Key_Feb_2010.pptIdentification of the Genera of Adult Mayflies
2010 Nick Porch Australian Hydraenidae

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Porch_hydaenids.pdfpdf Porch_hydaenids.pdf manage 16 MB 2010-02-22 - 09:30 UnknownUser Nick Porch's presentation on Hydaenidae
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