-- JeffWebb - 08 Sep 2008

Goal: provide an overview of the relationships of the Australian Baetidae using multiple molecular markers including nDNA (18S, ITS1) and mtDNA (16S, COI).

Status: We have sequences of 18S and/or 16S for all genera of Australian Baetidae and are currently obtaining additional data for morerepresentives of each genus. The following trees show only taxa for which we have sequences for all four of 18S, 16S, ITS1, and COI (~2500bp).

Results: Edmundsiops is generally supported as being paraphyletic. Offadens is supported as monophyletic, but is morphologically more diverse than the original concept. Edmundsiops spRoundeye is morphologically intermediate between the two genera and its relationships are not clear based on the molecular data. Maximum Likelihood and Neighbour Joining analyses show the same relationships as the parsimony and baysian analyses shown below.

  • 50% majority rule of MP tree based on 18S, 16S, ITS1, and COI:

  • Baysian concensus tree based on 18S, 16S, ITS1, and COI

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