!SpongeMaps is a portal for an online community of sponge researchers.This Wiki-based platform represents an entry point for researchers to access information about all aspects of sponge (Phylum Porifera) biology and current taxonomic and biochemical research.

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The Wiki integrates data from a range of sources including:
  • authoritative taxonomy verified by current taxonomists (such as WoRMS, and its subsidiary specialist sponge site, World Porifera Database );
  • DNA barcoding data obtained through the MarBOL initiative (from the Sponge Barcoding Database );
  • specimen point data of material held in Australian state museum collections ( OZCAM);
  • morphological descriptions from literature sources;
  • new observations of the morphology;
  • digital images of whole sponges, their skeleton structure and micrographs of skeletal components (spicules);
  • chemical compounds registry of molecules derived from natural state sponges;
  • phylogenies inferred from DNA barcodes and other genetic loci.

The Wiki has been designed to have 3 main points of entry, to serve the different needs of the research community:

Access by taxon (the species level)
Access by phylogeny (specimen and taxon entry level via phylogenies based on DNA sequence data).
Access by specimen (specimen entry level, including DNA data, chemistry and collection location); and

SpongeMaps will foster collaboration among sponge researchers in Australia, and also with international partners. Into the future, SpongeMaps will enable researchers to publish species pages directly to the Atlas of Living Australia and partner websites, such as the Encyclopedia of Life. Currently, sponge researchers from Queensland Museum, Museum andArtGallery of theNorthern Territory,WesternAustralianMuseum,GriffithUniversity (Gold Coast) and Ludwig-Maximillians Universitaet (Munich,Germany) are participating in the project, and it hoped that additional partners will soon join the network. Access to SpongeMaps is controlled currently via membership, and membership can be obtained through negotiation with SpongeMaps. This strict control allows researchers the freedom to investigate taxonomic hypotheses and develop species concepts within this controlled and collegial

SpongeMaps has been developed in partnership by TRIN and Queensland Museum. Development of the platform was supported by funding from the Atlas of Living Australia, TRIN, and MarBOL project (funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ).

For more information, contact: SpongeMaps@qm.qld.gov.au.

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