Usnea nidifica



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Usnea nidifica Taylor

The species contains four chemical races:

Race 1 contains salazinic, nortstictic, protocetraric, connorstictic and consalzinic acids

Race 2 contains diffractaic salazinic and nortstictic acids as well as traces of several accessory acids (connorstictic acid, consalzinic acid, scabrosins, barbatic acid).

Race 3 contains psoromic and conpsoromic acids.

Race 4 contains protocetraric acid.


In [1], [2] and also here.


Usnea nidifica is found in eastern Australian, along the coast and inland, mainly from north Queensland to north New South Wales, but with one collection from Victoria. Outside Australia the species has been reported from various islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In Australia chemical race 1 is found throughout the distribution range given above and commonly on mangroves, chemical race 2 is rare and has been reported from north-east Queensland, chemical race 3 occurs infrequently along the Queensland coast (usually on mangroves) between latitudes 21 and 28 degrees south and chemical race 4 is very rare, reported from a few sites in Queensland. ([2])

The species may not occur in all mangrove areas within its distribution. The following list gives Australian locations where this lichen has been reported definitely from mangrove habitats or on mangrove substrates -

chemical race 1

QUEENSLAND: Daintree (Lemon Tree Creek), Newell Beach near Mossman, Rockingham Bay, Hinchinbrook Island, Shute Harbour, Eimeo Beach, St Lawrence, Gladstone, Tannum Sands, Turkey, Urangan, Mary River Heads, Mooloola River (Cod Hole area), Bribie Island, Coochiemudlo Island, South Moreton Bay (Tabby Tabby Island). ([1])

NEW SOUTH WALES: Hastings Point, Woodburn ([1])

chemical race 2

QUEENSLAND: Carlisle Island, Tannum Sands, Urangan, Coochiemudlo Island, South Moreton Bay (Tabby Tabby Island) ([1])

chemical race not stated

QUEENSLAND: Tin Can Bay [Australian National Herbarium collection JA Elix 22831, seen July 2011]

Australian substrates

Usnea nidifica is found mainly on mangroves ([2]) including Bruguiera gymnorhiza [Australian National Herbarium collection JA Elix 22831, seen July 2011].


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