Tallebudgera Creek

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Tallebudgera Creek      
Site Latitude Longitude Source
  1 site    
Tallebudgera Creek 28°06'S 153°27'E [1]
Note: where latitudes and longitudes were not provided in the Source, they have been derived from the Australian Gazetteer for the nearest named place.

Several zones (from the sea to the land) were identified in the mangrove and saltmarsh vegetation: (a) Seaward Avicennia zone. The height of the Avicennia trees ranges from 1 to 11 m. (b) Rhizophora zone. Tree height ranges from 1 to 7 m. In these first two zones crabs and molluscs are the most obvious components of the epifauna. (c) Aegiceras zone. Tree height ranges from 1 to 7 m. (d) Landward Avicennia zone. Tree height ranges from 5 to 9 m. (e) Sporobolus zone. Molluscs are the dominant epifauna. These zones have overlapping floral and faunal components and there are extensive transitional zones between adjacent habitat types. [1]

Mangrove and Saltmarsh Species

Tallebudgera Creek    
Group Taxon Source
  42 taxa  
Vascular Plants Aegiceras corniculatum [1]
Vascular Plants Avicennia marina [1]
Vascular Plants Baccharis halimifolia [1]
Vascular Plants Casuarina glauca [1]
Vascular Plants Excoecaria agallocha [1]
Vascular Plants Fimbristylis ferruginea [1]
Vascular Plants Juncus kraussii [1], as J. maritimus
Vascular Plants Lobelia anceps [1], as L. alata
Vascular Plants Rhizophora stylosa [1]
Vascular Plants Sarcocornia_quinqueflora [1], as Salicornia quinqueflora
Vascular Plants Sporobolus virginicus [1]
Vascular Plants Suaeda australis [1]
Chelicerates Desis sp. [1]
Chelicerates Gasteracantha sp. [1]
Chelicerates Larinia phthisica [1]
Insects Culicoides henryi [1]
Insects Culicoides marmoratus [1]
Insects Culicoides molestus [1]
Insects Culicoides subimmaculatus [1]
Crustaceans Australoplax tridentata [1]
Crustaceans Heloecius cordiformis [1]
Crustaceans Helograpsus haswellianus [1]
Crustaceans Macrophthalmus setosus [1]
Crustaceans Mictyris livingstonei [1]
Crustaceans Mictyris longicarpus [1]
Crustaceans Neosarmatium trispinosum [1], as Sesarma smithi
Crustaceans Paragrapsus gaimardii [1]
Crustaceans Parasesarma erythodactyla [1], as Sesarma erythrodactyla
Crustaceans Pilumnus sp. [1]
Crustaceans Pseudohelice quadrata [1], as Helice leachi
Crustaceans Sarmatium crassum [1]
Crustaceans Scylla serrata [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Bembicium auratum [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Cassidula nucleus [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Cassidula zonata [1], as Melosidula zonata
Molluscs Gastropoda Littoraria scabra [1], as Littorina scabra
Molluscs Gastropoda Onchidium daemelii [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Ophicardelus ornatus [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Ophicardelus sulcatus [1]
Molluscs Gastropoda Phallomedusa_solida [1], as Salinator solida
Molluscs Gastropoda Pleuroloba quoyi [1], as Ophicardelus quoyi
Molluscs Gastropoda Saccostrea glomerata [1], as S. cuccullata


  1. Shine, R., Ellway, C.P. and Hegerl, E.J. (1973). A biological survey of the Tallebudgera Creek estuary. Operculum 3(5-6): 59-83. (more)

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