Myriotrema phaeosporum



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Myriotrema phaeosporum (Nyl.) Hale


In [1] you will find a description as well as black-and-white photographs of macroscopic and microscopic features. The description alone can be found here and the black-and-white photos of a fertile thallus and a spore here.


This species occurs eastern Queensland at altitudes up to 600 metres, ina variety of habitats including mangroves. It is found also on Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Caribbean. ( [1])

The species may not occur in all mangrove areas within its distribution. The following list gives Australian locations where this lichen has been reported definitely from mangrove habitats or on mangrove substrates -

QUEENSLAND: Wilson Beach 17 km SE of Poserpine [Australian National Herbarium collection JA Elix 20980, seen September 2012]

Australian substrates

On bark ( [1]), including that of Excoecaria [Australian National Herbarium collection JA Elix 20980, seen September 2012].


  1. Mangold, A., Elix, J.A. & Lumbsch, H.T. (2009). Thelotremataceae. Flora of Australia, 57: 195-420. (more)

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