A species list of mosses that occur in mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems in Australia. Mosses are not common in mangroves but a few terrestrial and epiphytic species have adapted to this habitat. [1]

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Genus Species Infraspecies Family Fidelity (H, M, L) Source Profile
35 taxa            
Archidium minutissimum Archidiaceae MEL database* viewtopic
Archidium sp. Archidiaceae MEL database*  
Barbula calycina Pottiaceae NSW database viewtopic
Brachythecium salebrosum Brachytheciaceae NSW database viewtopic
Breutelia pendula Bartramiaceae NSW database viewtopic
?Bryum sp. Bryaceae MEL database*  
Calymperes crassinerve Calymperaceae NSW database viewtopic
Calymperes erosum Calymperaceae MEL database* viewtopic
Calymperes graeffeanum Calymperaceae MEL database* viewtopic
Calymperes moluccense Calymperaceae BRI database viewtopic
Calymperes motleyi Calymperaceae MEL database* viewtopic
Calymperes tenerum Calymperaceae MEL database* viewtopic
Fissidens linearis var. linearis Fissidentaceae BRI database, [2] (as F. humulis) viewtopic
Fissidens sp. Fissidentaceae MEL database*  
Funaria sp. Funariaceae MEL database*  
Leucobryum sp. Leucobryaceae MEL database*  
Leucophanes sp. Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Macromitrium aurescens Orthotrichaceae BRI database viewtopic
Meiothecium tenellum Sematophyllaceae NSW database  
Mitthyridium flavum Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Mitthyridium repens Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Mitthyridium sp. Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Octoblepharum albidum Calymperaceae [1]  
Papillaria flexicaulis Meteoriaceae NSW database  
Pottia sp. Pottiaceae MEL database*  
Racopilum cuspidigerum var. cuspidigerum Racopilaceae NSW database viewtopic
Sematophyllum subhumile Sematophyllaceae NSW database, BRI database  
Sematophyllum sp. Sematophyllaceae BRI database  
Sphagnum sp. Sphagnaceae BRI database  
Syrrhopodon croceus Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Syrrhopodon platycerii Calymperaceae MEL database*  
Taxithelium merrillii Sematophyllaceae CANB database, [1], [3] viewtopic
Taxithelium nepalense Sematophyllaceae CANB database  
Tortella sp. Pottiaceae BRI database  
Trichosteleum hamatum Sematophyllaceae CANB database  

*Fidelity rankings

Species found in mangrove and saltmarsh communities are rated according to the 'fidelity' of their occurrence:

  • High fidelity - occur almost exclusively in mangrove and saltmarsh communities (obligate).
  • Medium fidelity - often occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but also occur in similar adjacent communities (facultative).
  • Low fidelity - occasionally occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but not regularly (transitory, marginal).
These categories are to some degree subjective and may vary regionally so that species may end up in more than one category.

* Data supplied by the Royal Botanic Gardens Board, Melbourne, MELISR database, dated 06/11/2007


  1. Ramsay, H.P. and Cairns, A. (2004). Habitat, distribution and the phytogeographical affinities of mosses in the Wet Tropics bioregion, north-east Queensland, Australia. Cunninghamia 8(3): 371-408. Available online: (more)
  2. Windolf, J. (1989). Bryophytes in a sub-tropical mangrove community. Austrobaileya 3: 103-107. (more)
  3. Ramsay, H.P., Schofield, W.B and Tan, B.C. (2002). The genus Taxithelium (Bryopsida, Sematophyllaceae) in Australia. Aust. Systematic Bot. 15: 583-96. Available online: (more)

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