Moreton Bay

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Moreton Bay      
Site Latitude Longitude Source
  5 sites    
Boondall 27?20'S 153?04'E [1]
Fisherman Islands 27?22'S 153?10'E [1]
Myora Springs 27?28'S 153?26'E [2], [3]
Redland Bay 27?37'S 153?19'E [4]
Wynnum 27?26'S 153?10'E [1]
Note: where latitudes and longitudes were not provided in the Source, they have been derived from the Australian Gazetteer. Where individual sites can be precisely located, these are shown as yellow markers. Blue markers represent the estuary location as per OzCoasts.

Mangrove and Saltmarsh Species

Moreton Bay    
Group Taxon Source
  63 taxa  
Vascular Plants Avicennia marina [1], [2]
Vascular Plants Bruguiera gymnorhiza [2], [3]
Vascular Plants Casuarina glauca [4]
Vascular Plants Rhizophora stylosa [2]
Chelicerates Abracadabrella elegans [4]
Chelicerates Lampona sp. [4]
Chelicerates Rebilus sp. [4]
Insects Acrodipsas illidgei [4]
Insects Amarygmus sp. 1 [4]
Insects Amarygmus sp. 3 [4]
Insects Crematogaster sp 1. (laeviceps F. Smith group) [4]
Insects Ogyris amaryllis [4]
Crustaceans Australoplax tridentata [1], [2]
Crustaceans Clistocoeloma merguiense [2] (as C. merguiensis)
Crustaceans Heloecius cordiformis [2]
Crustaceans Helograpsus haswellianus [1]
Crustaceans Heteropanope glabra [2]
Crustaceans Ilyograpsus paludicola
[but see note in profile]
[1], [2]
Crustaceans Leptograpsus variegatus [2]
Crustaceans Macrophthalmus punctulatus [1], [2]
Crustaceans Melita sp. [2]
Crustaceans Metopograpsus frontalis [2]
Crustaceans Orchestia sp. [2]
Crustaceans Paracleistostoma wardi [1]
Crustaceans Palaemon debilis [2]
Crustaceans Paragrapsus laevis [2]
Crustaceans Parasesarma erythodactyla [1], [2] (as Sesarma erythodactyla)
Crustaceans Pilumnus sp. [1]
Crustaceans Pseudohelice quadrata [1], [2] (as Helice leachii)
Crustaceans Ptyosphaera alata [2] (as Exosphaeroma alata)
Crustaceans Uca longidigita [2] (as U. longidigitum)
Crustaceans Uca perplexa [2]
Molluscs Alvania sp. [2]
Molluscs Austrocochlea constricta [2] (as Australochochlea constricta)
Molluscs Bembicium auratum [2]
Molluscs Cacozeliana granarium [2] (as Cerithidea lacertina / Cacozeliana lacertina)
Molluscs Cassidula nucleus [2]
Molluscs Cassidula zonata [2] (as Melosidula zonata)
Molluscs Cerithium coralium [2]
Molluscs Cerithium zonatum [2]
Molluscs Clypeomorus batillariaeformis [2] (as Clypeomorus moniliferus)
Molluscs Ellobium sp. [2]
Molluscs Haminoea sp. [2]
Molluscs Iravadia quadrasi [2] (as Merelina goliath)
Molluscs Littoraria sp. [2]
Molluscs Melampus sp. [2]
Molluscs Nassarius burchardi [2] (as Nassarius ellana)
Molluscs Nassarius dorsatus [2]
Molluscs Nassarius olivaceus [2]
Molluscs Nerita balteata [2] (as Nerita lineata)
Molluscs Nerita planospira [2]
Molluscs Neritina violacea [2] (as Dosita crepidiularia (sic!))
Molluscs Onchidium damelli [2]
Molluscs Ophicardelus ornatus [2]
Molluscs Ophicardelus quoyi [2]
Molluscs Ophicardelus sulcatus [2]
Molluscs Phallomedusa solida [2] (as Salinator solida)
Molluscs Rissoina sp. [2]
Molluscs Stenothyra australis [2]
Molluscs Tatea huonensis [2] (as T. ballina)
Molluscs Velacumantus australis [2]
Molluscs Vitrinella sp. [2]
Polychaetes Capitella sp. [2] (as Capitellides)


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