Lake Illawarra

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Lake Illawarra
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"There are only a few Grey Mangroves (Avicennia marina) in Lake Illawarra. The lack of change in water levels between tides being the major contributing factor. The shorelines near the channel entrance are the only are where mangroves exist." [1]


"Small areas of saltmarsh occur at various points around the lake. They generally occur around deltas of creeks entering the lake. Plant species present include glasswort (Sarcocornia quinqueflora), saltwater couch (Sporobolus virginicus), sea rush (Juncus kraussii) and sedge (Cyperus laevigatus)." [1]

Avicennia marina, Lake Illawarra, NSW
Image: Cath Busby

Saltmarsh, Lake Illawarra, NSW
Image: Cath Busby

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Mangrove and Saltmarsh Species

Lake Illawarra    
Group Taxon Source
  35 taxa  
Vascular Plants Apium prostratum [2]
Vascular Plants Avicennia marina [2], [3]
Vascular Plants Baumea juncea [2]
Vascular Plants Calystegia soldanella [2]
Vascular Plants Carpobrotus glaucescens [2]
Vascular Plants Casuarina glauca [2]
Vascular Plants Commelina cyanea [2]
Vascular Plants Cotula coronopifolia [2]
Vascular Plants Crinum pedunculatum [2]
Vascular Plants Cynodon dactylon [2]
Vascular Plants Cyperus laevigatus [2]
Vascular Plants Cyperus polystachyos [2]
Vascular Plants Isolepis nodosa [2]
Vascular Plants Juncus kraussii [2]
Vascular Plants Mimulus repens [2]
Vascular Plants Phragmites australis [2]
Vascular Plants Rhagodia baccata [2]
Vascular Plants Samolus repens [2]
Vascular Plants Sarcocornia quinqueflora [2]
Vascular Plants Selliera radicans [2]
Vascular Plants Sporobolus virginicus [2]
Vascular Plants Suaeda australis [2]
Vascular Plants Tetragonia tetragonioides [2]
Vascular Plants Triglochin striata [2] (as Triglochin striatum)
Vascular Plants Zoysia macrantha [2]
Fish Ambassis jacksoniensis [2]
Fish Gobiopterus semivestitus [2]
Birds Butorides striata [2] (as Butorides striatus)
Birds Numenius phaeopus [2]
Crustaceans Helograpsus haswellianus [2]
Crustaceans Leptograpsus variegatus [2] (as Leptograptus variegatus)
Crustaceans Paragrapsus laevis [2]
Crustaceans Victoriopisa australiensis [2]
Molluscs Salinator fragilis [2]
Polychaetes Australonereis ehlersi [2]

Note: Taxa listed above include a number from source [2]which have not yet been confirmed as occurring in mangroves or saltmarshes.


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