Endeavour River

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Endeavour River      
Site Latitude Longitude Source
1 site      
Endeavour River (11 transects) 15?28'S 145?15'E [1]
Note: where latitudes and longitudes were not provided in the Source, they have been derived from the Australian Gazetteer. Where individual sites can be precisely located, these are shown as yellow markers. Blue markers represent the estuary location as per OzCoasts.

Mangrove and Saltmarsh Species

Endeavour River    
Group Taxon Source
  23 taxa  
Vascular Plants Acanthus ilicifolius [1]
Vascular Plants Acrostichum speciosum [1]
Vascular Plants Aegialitis annulata [1]
Vascular Plants Aegiceras corniculatum [1]
Vascular Plants Avicennia marina [1]
Vascular Plants Bruguiera gymnorhiza [1]
Vascular Plants Bruguiera parviflora [1]
Vascular Plants Bruguiera sexangula [1]
Vascular Plants Ceriops pseudodecandra [1] (as C. decandra)
Vascular Plants Ceriops tagal [1]
Vascular Plants Cynometra iripa [1] (as C. ramiflora var. bijuga)
Vascular Plants Diospyros geminata [1] (as D. ferrea var. geminata)
Vascular Plants Excoecaria agallocha [1]
Vascular Plants Heritiera littoralis [1]
Vascular Plants Hibiscus tiliaceus [1]
Vascular Plants Osbornia octodonta [1]
Vascular Plants Rhizophora apiculata [1], [2]
Vascular Plants Rhizophora mucronata [1]
Vascular Plants Rhizophora stylosa [1], [2]
Vascular Plants Sonneratia alba [1]
Vascular Plants Sonneratia caseolaris [1]
Vascular Plants Xylocarpus granatum [1]
Vascular Plants Xylocarpus moluccensis [1] (as X. australasicus), [2] (as X. australasicus)


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  2. Robertson, A.I., Giddins, R. and Smith, T.J. (1990). Seed predation by insects in tropical mangrove forests: extent and effects on seed viability and the growth of seedlings. Oecologia 83: 213-219. Available online: http://www.springerlink.com/content/h6567208r2v14176/fulltext.pdf (more)

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