Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats (Diptera)

A species list of flies, mosquitoes and gnats that occur in mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems in Australia.

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Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats
Genus Species Infraspecies Family Fidelity* Source Profile
5 taxa            
Culicoides henryi   Ceratopogonidae H [1] viewtopic
Culicoides marmoratus   Ceratopogonidae H [1] viewtopic
Culicoides molestus   Ceratopogonidae H [1] viewtopic
Culicoides subimmaculatus   Ceratopogonidae H [1] viewtopic
Euphranta marina   Tephritidae H [2] viewtopic

*Fidelity rankings

Species found in mangrove and saltmarsh communities are rated according to the 'fidelity' of their occurrence:

* High fidelity - occur almost exclusively in mangrove and saltmarsh communities (obligate).
* Medium fidelity - often occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but also occur in similar adjacent communities (facultative).
* Low fidelity - occasionally occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but not regularly (transitory, marginal).
These categories are to some degree subjective and may vary regionally so that species may end up in more than one category


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  2. Minchinton, T.E. and Dalby-Ball, M. (2001). Frugivory by insects on mangrove propagules: effects on the early life history of Avicennia marina. Oecologia 129: 243-252. Available online: http://www.springerlink.com/content/wx20tc4mpm8pwf5m/ (more)

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