Chelicerates (Spiders, mites and scorpions)

A species list of spiders, mites and scorpions that occur in mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems in Australia.

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Genus Species Family Fidelity* Source Profile
13 taxa          
Abracadabrella elegans SALTICIDAE ? [1] viewtopic
Desis sp. DESIDAE ? [2]  
Dolomedes sp. PISAURIDAE ? [2]  
Gasteracantha sp. ARANEIDAE ? [2]  
Isopeda sp. SPARASSIDAE ? [2]  
Lampona sp. LAMPONIDAE ? [1]  
Larinia phthisica ARANEIDAE ? [2] viewtopic
Latrodectus hasselti THERIDIIDAE ? [2] viewtopic
Leucauge dromedaria TETRAGNATHIDAE ? [2] viewtopic
Nephila sp. NEPHILIDAE ? [2]  
Rebilus sp. LAMPONIDAE ? [1]  
Stephanopis sp. THOMISIDAE ? [2]  
Tamopsis novaehollandiae HERSILIIDAE ? [2], as Tama novaehollandiae viewtopic

Species found in mangrove and saltmarsh communities are rated according to the 'fidelity' of their occurrence:

  • High fidelity - occur almost exclusively in mangrove and saltmarsh communities (obligate).
  • Medium fidelity - often occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but also occur in similar adjacent communities (facultative).
  • Low fidelity - occasionally occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but not regularly (transitory, marginal).
These categories are to some degree subjective and may vary regionally so that species may end up in more than one category.


  1. Beale, J.P. and Zalucki, M.P. (1995). Status and Distribution of Acrodipsas illidgei (Waterhouse and Lyell) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) at Redland Bay, Southeastern Queensland, and a New Plant-association Record. J. Aust. Ent. Soc. 34: 163-168. Available online: (more)
  2. Shine, R., Ellway, C.P. and Hegerl, E.J. (1973). A biological survey of the Tallebudgera Creek estuary. Operculum 3(5-6): 59-83. (more)

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