Burrup Peninsula

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Burrup Peninsula      
Site Latitude Longitude Source
6 site      
Cowrie Cove 20?37'S 116?48'E [1]
Hearson Cove 20?38'S 116?48'E [1]
King Bay (4 relev?s) 20?38'S 116?46'E (erroneously as 116?40'E) [2]
King Bay 20?38'S 116?47'E [1]
Watering Cove 20?35'S 116?49'E [1]
Withnell Bay 20?35'S 116?47'E [1]
Note: Relev?s are areas of 10 m x 5 m, of variable shape depending on the landform. Where latitudes and longitudes were not provided in the Source, they have been derived from the Australian Gazetteer. Where individual sites can be precisely located, these are shown as yellow markers. Blue markers represent the estuary location as per OzCoasts. Red markers indicate other features, such as mangrove boardwalks.

Mangrove and Saltmarsh Species

Burrup Peninsula    
Group Taxon Source
  12 taxa  
Vascular Plants Aegialitis annulata [1]
Vascular Plants Aegiceras corniculatum [1]
Vascular Plants Avicennia marina [2]
Vascular Plants Bruguiera exaristata [2]
Vascular Plants Ceriops tagal [2]
Vascular Plants Rhizophora stylosa [2]
Molluscs Bivalvia Bactronophorus thoracites [1]
Molluscs Bivalvia Bankia rochi [1]
Molluscs Bivalvia Dicyathifer manni [1]
Molluscs Bivalvia Lyrodus pedicellatus [1]
Molluscs Bivalvia Martesia striata [1]
Molluscs Bivalvia Teredothyra matocotana [1]


  1. Brearley, A., Chalermwat, K. and Kakhai, N. (2003). Pholadidae and Teredinidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) collected from mangrove habitats on the Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia. pp. 345-362 In: Wells, F.E., Walker, D.I. and Jones, D.S. (eds). The Marine Flora and Fauna of Dampier, Western Australia. Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia. Available online: http://www.museum.wa.gov.au/dampier/documents/pdf/brearley.pdf (more)
  2. Bridgewater, P.B. (1982). Mangrove vegetation of the southern and western Australian coastline. pp. 111-120 in: Clough, B.F. (ed.) Mangrove ecosystems in Australia : structure, function and management. Australian National University Press. 302 p. (more)

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