Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Name text 100   FungiMap Taxa list  
Description textarea     A list of taxa documented on FungiMap  
URL textarea     A Permalink  
Parameters textarea     Parameters and how they are used  
AssetForm textarea     Identifier for the dataform that describes the asset, e.g. TaxonProfile/Definitions/Fungi_Taxa_Form  
AssetType textarea     The web.topic of the WallaceCore term which best describes the Asset. e.g. TaxonProfile/Definitions.WC_Taxon  
AssetInstanceWeb textarea     The web that contains instances of the Asset. Each asset will have the AssetForm attached.  
AccessControl textarea     SeaSlug Forum Bibliography web  
Licence textarea     e.g. Creative Commons  
AssetFormExclusion textarea     Additional formfield criteria to filter the results. e.g To include only those records that don't have WC stored in the formfield with the name 'Namespace', Namespace!='WC'  
TermsOfUse textarea     URL to terms of use for this resource (generally set on a wiki by wiki basis)  
RelatedResources textarea   {"Results":"0"} A list in JSON of RELATED resources including { Resource Names, Resource Description, Resource URLs }