What can it do?

The TRIN Wiki provides tools for collaboration in biodiversity research and documentation. Open Source and collaborative, it provides contributors with simple online interfaces for the creation, collation and compilation of well-structured biodiversity knowledge.

TRIN Wiki has been developed through close collaboration with biodiversity research teams and is organised around specific projects which vary in their maturity and target audience. Some projects contain information put together for public consumption; others are moderated or closed spaces, in which taxonomic projects collaborate on their own business prior to publication. These projects have provided templates for:primary pre-publication research
  • in taxonomy and systematics
  • enlisting public contributions to document species diversity
  • for research, managing molecular research into species biodiversity, linked to online resources
  • documenting species and their interactions in a given ecosystem
  • using phylogenies to explore biodiversity.
Web services from providers such as the Atlas of Living Australia and WORMS are used to provide a broader context for
  • specimens,
  • samples
  • species
  • taxa
through online resources which provide access to
  • national species names check lists,
  • synonymies,
  • maps with biologically relevant layers
  • phylogenies
that include useful biologically relevant layers and other online biodiversity resources.

Examples of TRIN Wiki projects are:

The TRIN wiki has some special capabilities to offer, for example