Policies and Guidelines

The TRIN Wiki is created and managed for and by the taxonomy community, following a number of generally accepted policies. Each project determines the conditions and permissions for the use and sharing of content.

Content is typically open except when it does not fit the needs of the project e.g.
  • open unless that does not fit with needs of project (e.g. pre-publication work)
  • current restrictions are mostly due to status of projects (development)
  • we are will develop a SIMPLE publication workflow to take content from private tp public (and notify potential linked data consumers)

The documentation of these conditions remains a work in progress and review. We expect this to be so for awhile and invite you to tell us where it falls short.

Projects are encourged to
  • include a statement of conditions and terms of use in a wiki topic titled TermsOfUse (linked to at the bottom of each page)
  • use CC licensing whereever it is possible.
  • include instructions as to attribution
  • name content editors / custodians