What's this Wiki anyway?


The TRIN Wiki is a collaborative platform for members of TRIN and the broader taxonomic community.

The TRIN Wiki welcomes anyone wishing to participate or initiate new collaborative taxonomy research projects and to use TRIN's on-line collaboration and communcation tools (website, wiki, email lists, etc. ).We are particularly interested to hear your comments as we strive to make tools that are of use to the Taxonomic Community.

The TRIN Wiki is organised around specific projects. As you browse the Wiki, you will find projects which vary in their maturity and target audience. Some contain information put together for public consumption. Others are moderated or closed spaces, in which taxonomic projects collaborate on their own business prior to it being published.

Wikis are good at capturing unstructured information quickly, in a form which can be subsequently reorganised, classified, and structured. They may look messy at times, but this is part of the cycle of information-gathering and categorisation. Wikis provide a means for ideas to be caught, commented on and subsequently organised in a forum where all participants in a project can contribute.

We have added capabilities to add highly structured information to the wiki - in such a way that it can be configured and altered on demand. And, further, a capability to pull structured data from online biodiversity webservices.

Taken all together, this provides a means to use and annotate structured and semi structured tools for collaboration in biodiversity documentation and research.

You can read in detail elsewhere about Foswiki and Wikis in general.