Welcome to Laurie's Glossary of Botanical Latin & Greek

This is a wiki version of a botanical latin and greek database - including grammar information - generously offered for use on the TRIN wiki by Laurie Adams.

If you have questions or feedback for Laurie, please contact Laurie.Adams@csiro.au

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  • Filter any column by entering some text into the field below its heading, then press enter. You can set some filter text on multiple columns.
  • Sort on any column by clicking its heading. Sort direction is toggled each time you click the heading.
  • You may resize any column by dragging its border/divider in the heading.
  • The 'Topic' column contains a link to the glossary record. It contains some extra fields not shown in the grid below.
  • Read the Symbols & Abbreviations part of the documentation to learn more about the Declension, NomSg/NomPl etc. fields.

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