Knowledge Exchange Project

We are conducting a national consultation to find out more about the needs and preferences of a broad range of users of taxonomy and biodiversity information as well as exploring the barriers to adoption of research results.

The research will be conducted in three phases:
  1. Consultation: : A questionnaire will identify and scope the diverse range of people who use taxonomic products for biodiversity information. User needs and preferences, and impediments to adoption of taxonomic products, will be elicited to improve researcher understanding. Issues raised by respondents in the questionnaire will be explored in more depth through focus group discussions.
  2. UserProductTestingWorkshops: Engaging researchers and users in the collaborative development of taxonomy products from the 6 areas of TRIN research.
  3. User Product Awareness and Evaluation: A product release phase, raising awareness of taxonomy products produced by TRIN and involving user communities in the evaluation and feedback.
The information we obtain from this research will help the development of new, improved taxonomic products, from the six areas of TRIN research, that better meet the needs of people who use them.

This research will also help us to identify key issues, on a broader scale, in the delivery of biodiversity information to the user community.