Make a new page

  1. Create a link to a non-existant page in the page you are editing e.g. NewSpecies?. If this page does not exist, once you save the page, it will show with a question mark after the link name, as follows: NewSpecies?? .
  2. Click on the question mark after the link and the TWiki software will open up a new page in edit mode. Once you save, you have created your new page.

Attaching Files and Inserting images

You can embed images (and other files) in pages on this Wiki:

  1. Ensure an image of appropriate dimension is available on your desktop or other local directory * The images can not be edited once uploaded to the wiki * Images bring their filenames with them, so change before upload if desired
  2. Upload and embed the image. There are two ways to do this:
      1. While editing the document * Click the 'Edit' button or link on the page you want to put the image into * Position the cursor in the place in the document where you wish the image to appear * Click the 'Attach' button (paper clip) on the editing toolbar; this will open a little dialog box * Choose the 'Upload Attachment' tab (the second one) in the dialog box * Find the image file to be uploaded using the 'Browse' button * Add a short descriptive comment * Click the 'Upload' Button * Close the dialog box then click on the paper clip 'Attach' button again * The name of the image should now appear in the 'Insert Image' dropdown list. Choose the image you want and click the 'Insert' button and Bob's your uncle.
      2. While not editing the document * Click on the Attach link at the very bottom of the page i.e. not in edit mode. A new 'Attach file' page will appear. * Find the image file to be uploaded using the 'Browse' button * Add a short descriptive comment * Selecting the 'Link' check box will embed/display the image on your page; if you don't do this, the selected the image file will only appear in the list of attachments displayed at the bottom of the page * Click 'Upload file' to complete the process and return you to the page where the newly attached image can be seen

-- BernardPfeil - 17 Oct 2008