File Exchange

This web is a placeholder for evaluation and discussion of file exchange methods.


WebDAV? is a terrific technology that is tragically poorly implemented by Microsoft. See TipsForWebDav for more information.

ARCS Data Fabric

In order to work with ARCS, you need an identity with a recognised identity provider. Unfortunately although some institutions such as CSIRO are supposed to provide a working identity service with ARCS (so that you could use your CSIRO ident and password), this is still a work in progress so you may need to sign up with a new ARCS identity instead.

Once there, ARCS have some pretty decent instructions on how to access it and also mount it (as an extra drive letter or volume) on your computer. In the latter instructions, they talk about a piece of software called NetDrive which is not free; apparently there is a free equivalent produced by Novell (who abandoned it some time ago), available at

Mounting ARCS on *nix systems

We have some documentation to supplement the ARCS Linux instructions.

Check out TipsForDavfs2 for more information.