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Welcome to the TRIN communications project This wiki contains discussion, materials and projects on communication the progress and results of TRIN research projects


The TRIN project facilitates and undertakes taxonomic research and information management on Australia's animals, plants and fungi and communicates the results of these activities to other taxonomists, environmental managers and decision-makers, students and the interested public.

The primary vehicle for internal communication between TRIN projects is this TRIN wiki. The primary vehicle for communicating to the general public is the TRIN website.

The TRIN wiki will generate content for the TRIN website from the various TRIN projects.

Communications People

Communications Projects

  • TRIN Public Website
  • TRIN Website on the Wiki [Logon required] - an evolving wiki version of the key text on the TRIN Public Website
  • TRIN Branding [Logon required] - guidelines for use of the TRIN logo and colour palette, templates for letterhead, business cards, nametags, presentation and reports for TRIN staff.
  • TRIN Strategic Communication 2008-2010 (pdf) - Purpose of Strategic Communication: To stimulate a common purpose and develop commitment to improving the taxonomic process, generating and delivering information to users more efficiently and effectively.
  • TRIN Field Day - The interactive Field Day will be held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens on 31 August 2010.

TRIN Web Page


Meetings, Conferences and other activities of interest to TRIN, TRIN activities and Australian taxonomists.

Communications Presentations

PI Christmas Party


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