Australian Bryophytes: Hornworts, Liverworts & Mosses

Welcome to the Bryophyte wiki, a collaborative online workspace for the taxonomy of Australian hornworts, liverworts and mosses.


Early bryological exploration of the Australian continent is thought to have begun with Joseph Bank's renowned collections made on Cooks first trip of discovery to the great southern continent. It continued with the voyage of the French D'Entrecasteaux expedition of 1791-1794, which included the French naturalist Jacques-Julied Houtou de Labillardi�re. His findings became the first publication of descriptions and illustrations of Australian bryophytes.
Since then knowledge of Australian bryophytes has slowly grown but it has increased substantially over the last thirty years beginning with George A. M. Scott & Ilma G. Stone's landmark publication, The Mosses of Southern Australia in 1976 and later, Scott's book, Southern Australian Liverworts in 1985. Recently the first moss volume of the Flora of Australia was published covering a number of families. However, while such publications have renewed interest in the antipodean bryophyte flora, much of the earlier and subsequent literature remains widely scattered and incomplete. Consequently, the Australian bryophytes still remain something of a mystery among Australian plant botanists, ecologists and conservationists.

The objective of this Wiki is to post detailed descriptions and illustrations of Australian bryophytes to reach a much wider audience but to also allow the review and updating of information on taxa as it comes to hand.

It also aims to to be a resource for information on all things bryophytic within Australia.
  • This site contains links and other resources for the taxonomy and identification of Australian bryophytes.




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