Liverworts of Uruguay


In 2006, I travelled to Uruguay with my family. While there, I collected and took photos of bryophytes with the aim of compiling a checklist of liverworts for Uruguay and possibly, eventually a field guide to the bryophytes of Uruguay.

Why Uruguay?

The main reason for choosing Uruguay is family connections. Also, because of the countries small size it is a project which is potentially quite do-able. As Uruguay shares its borders with the two largest countries in South America, its own flora tends to be overshadowed by Argentina and Brazil. It is thought of as having similar if not the same flora as the regions which border Uruguay. Another factor is that such a small country with a small population (~3.3million) does not necessarily produce many botanists and even fewer cryptogamists. There are presently no bryologists working in Uruguay, though the late Argentinian bryologist Dr Gabriela Hassel de Menendez had published on liverworts of Uruguay. More recently she published a catalogue of the liverworts and hornworts of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, which lists all published accounts of Uruguayan liverworts and hornworts.

The following are some images of the liverworts that I came across in a number of the departments that we visited. I do not have species names for all the taxa that I came across, but this will hopefully come eventually.

Please notify me of any errors or corrections, or identifications that you can help me with.

Digital Photo Images of Liverworts from Uruguay


Two forms of a simple thalloid liverwort, Metzgeria sp., growing over boulders of a small granite outcrop in a rural paddock in the shire

of Triente y Tres, central Uruguay.


This is the complex thalloid liverwort, Corsinia coriandrina, growing on soil in a state park arboretum. I had never seen this liverwort

before, and it is the first record for Uruguay.



This is also a complex liverwort and another I had never seen before. In fact I thought it was a weird form of the common Riccia. A colleague, Dr Karen Beckmann identified it for me as Oxymitra incrassata. It was found growing on soil in the same aboretum. Growing alongside the Oxymitra is the hornwort, Phaeoceros.


This is real Riccia!. I am not sure of the species, but it is quite similar to the Australian Riccia lamellosa. This one was found growing on soil in a

paddock in Triente y Tres, central Uruguay.

DSCN0403.gif Frullania2.gif

This is the leafy liverwort Frullania sp. Note the perianths at the tips of the branches in the photo on the left and the gemmae

fringing the leaves of theplants in the photo on the right. I am not sure that this is a Frullania, but it is similar to plants growing


-- ChristineCargill - 23 Apr 2009
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