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Among the bryophytes, the liverworts display the most diverse body forms. They may be "leafy" in form with a distinct stem and leaves arranged either in two lateral rows and a ventral row of leaves or just the two lateral rows of leaves. Or they may be one of two distinct types of thalloid body form. Either simple thalloid forms which have thin strap-like or pseudo-leafy like lobes with internally undifferentiated tissues or complex thalloid forms with broad thick strap-like lobes with internally differentiated tissues.

The liverworts hold a pivotal poistion in the evolution of the land flora. They are the sister group to all of the remaining land plants.

Australia has over 860 liverwort species within 48 families and 150 genera.



  • Full descriptions, photo images and illustrations of all Australian liverworts
  • Keys to the genera and speciesof Australian liverworts
  • Digital photo album of Uruguayan liverworts UruguayLiverworts
  • Develop a checklist of Uruguayan liverworts