Managers of Australasian Herbarium Collections (MAHC)

Welcome to the wiki pages of the Managers of Australasian Herbarium Collections (MAHC) group. MAHC is a subcommittee of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH). It was established in 2009 with the aim of developing and implementing best practice standards for managing Australasian herbarium collections.

This wiki is a forum for ongoing communication and exchange of information, templates and resources for managers of herbarium collections in Australasia.

For MAHC business issues, please contact the current Chair via their institutional profile. To provide feedback on the wiki, contact the wiki administrator via their profile.

MAHC Membership

The membership of MAHC is open to the Collections Managers (or equivalent position) of Australasian herbaria. Information on current members is available in their profiles.

MAHC Meetings and Communication

MAHC holds face-to-face meetings annually in conjunction with CHAH and HISCOM. Regular teleconferences are also held to discuss issues relating to herbarium collections management that arise in the interim. In addition, MAHC conducts and participates in training workshops as deemed necessary by CHAH.
Participants in MAHC meeting at the new Western Australian Herbarium (PERTH), November 2011


Mailing List
  • Archives of MAHC-L Mailing List (requires MAHC-L login)

Current Activities

Currently MAHC is actively engaged in the following projects:

MAHC Policies and Procedures

MAHC is working towards development of a national standard for management of herbarium collections. Policies are being formulated by MAHC for endorsement by CHAH to provide consistent procedures for Australasian herbarium collection management. Individual instiutions may tailor these policies to suit their own requirements. See Member Profiles for contact details and institution-specific policies before sending or requesting material.

MAHC Resources

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