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In February 2008 a one day workshop for loans officers was held in Melbourne to develop documentation outlining a consistent set of procedures to be used by Australian herbaria for loan and exchange of material with overseas institutions.

Discussions with AQIS

  • Summary of outcomes of a discussion between Anthony Wicks (AQIS Plant Programs) and Catherine Gallagher (MEL), September 2008

Import Conditions

The following import conditions (ICONs) apply to herbarium specimens being imported to Australia: New Zealand information to follow.


These files are in Microsoft Word format. Replace the necessary fields with your institutional details (e.g. herbarium name, abbreviation, address, import permit number).

AQIS Website Forms

Import Permits

  • DNA (PDF - added 2010)
  • MEL (PDF - added 2009)

Packaging Guidelines

  • Documentation to be held in envelope or plastic sleeve on the outside of package. If this is done there is no reason for AQIS inspectors to open packages.
  • Quarantine-related sticky labels on packages are best printed onto fluorescent yellow label stock.

Courier Procedures

Avoid using a courier service if at all possible as there is a different process for AQIS inspecting this material and there is a charge for inspection. Sending agent will generate a Airway Bill. Ensure that entire consignment is placed on one Airway Bill (not one for each item or box). Item will not be released until the bill is paid. It is worth considering adding a clause in the loan conditions that the returning institution is responsible for paying the AQIS inspection fee.

Quarantine Inspection Fees Update

Currently as long as all incoming herbarium material is accompanied by the appropriate paperwork and labelling, herbaria are not charged Quarantine Inspection fees. If the goods are inspected and cleared at the International Mail Centres then there are currently no AQIS inspection charges levied. If however the goods are directed to another area of AQIS (e.g. Nursery Stock) for inspection/treatment there will be a charge for the service provided. The International Mail Program has advised Anthony Wicks (AQIS) that while there are no immediate changes being proposed they are in the process of reviewing their fees and charges. However this is still at early days as yet.

What is the advantage of a Herbarium being registered as a Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP)?

If a herbarium is only importing fully processed specimens that do not require an import permit (refer to condition C10500) then they do not need to be a QAP. If however they wish to import specimens that are not fully processed or preserved or are unidentified or are potentially viable (refer to condition C10501, particularly Parts B and C. Note: specimens covered by Part A of C10501 would probably also be released to non-QAPs) then they either have to be a QAP or the goods are subjected to mandatory treatment prior to release to them.

Liaison with AQIS Staff


At the local/state level , encourage annual meeting at the herbarium for new AQIS staff involved in handling/inspecting herbarium specimens at the entry port. Tour and 'wow' orientation of procedures and facilities.

AQIS Staff contact details:

  • Permits - Joel Freeman, Canberra (02) 6272 3713

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