Collection Managers Workshop: Cairns 2009

Pre-workshop Information

The workshop starts at 12:30pm on Monday 14th September 2009. The agenda, list of participants and other information can be found in the Final Circular below. Participants are also asked to complete the questionnaire and bring various materials to the Workshop. Upload your workshop materials and completed questionnaires to the

(The following uploads were received.)



Front row L-R: Ben Stuckey, Jean Clarke, Tharron Bloomfield, Darren Crayn

Middle row L-R: Serkan Alasya, Pina Milne, Karina Knight, Andrea Lim, Jo Palmer

Back row L-R: Alan Bolin, Nanette Hooker, Frank Zich, Dale Dixon, Helen Vonow, Belinda Pellow


Day 1

Topic 1 - Introduction to the Wiki - Topic 1 Notes

Topic 2 - Import Protocols - Topic 2 Notes

Day 2

Topic 3 & 4 - Curation Materials and Techniques & Integrated Pest Management - Session 3 Notes

Day 3

Topic 5 - Destructive Sampling - Session 5 Notes

Topic 6 - Loans and Exchange, Materials Transfer Agreements - Session 6 Notes

Resolutions and Actions

MAHC Resolutions and Actions from the Cairns 2009 meeting (PDF)

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
MAHC_Resolutions_Cairns_2009.pdfpdf MAHC_Resolutions_Cairns_2009.pdf manage 12 K 2011-11-23 - 16:32 Main.FrankZich CHAH MAHC Resolutions Cairns 2009
Questionnaire.docdoc Questionnaire.doc manage 22 K 2011-11-23 - 16:32 Main.FrankZich  
WorkshopParticipants.JPGJPG WorkshopParticipants.JPG manage 52 K 2011-11-23 - 16:32 Main.AndreaLim Participants
final_circular.pdfpdf final_circular.pdf manage 941 K 2011-11-23 - 16:32 Main.FrankZich  

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