Australian Acacias.

Acacias (and allied genera of the legume subfamily Mimosoideae) are a conspicious group of vascular plant(1).

The group Acacias (s.l.) is the largest genus of Australian vascular plants.

Diverse in form, they occur prolifically in all habitats, and climates across the Australian Continant(3).

Acacia Systematics and Phylogeny

This Wiki serves research projects into the evolution of Australian Acacia(2) and their relatives - with a particular focus on
  • molecular labwork
  • the resulting datasets
  • for phylogenetics and systematics.

These are put into a broader context through linkages to
  • nomenclators,
  • morphology,
  • collections databases,

and other biodiversity resources.
  • The Acacia Linked Lab Book LLB

    is a open source tool built for collaborative research data, analyses and visualisation of acacia phylogenetics and taxonomy research. It provides a means to place molecular and other laboratory based research in a broader context through linkage with nomenclators and collections databases and other online biodiversity resources.
    The Linked Lab book is structured around research practices of the CPBR Acacia Group, based on well normalised data , with tools to connect to external analytic systems and software.

    To Date, the pilot of the linked lab book contains details of samples of 2600 taxa and 12000 sequences from 6 genes - which can be cross referenced with morphology and distribution.

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