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Vascular Plants

A species list of vascular plants that occur in mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems in Australia.

This is an evolving list! Corrections, additions (and even suggested deletions) are welcome. If you have registered as a contributor, you can do this directly after you log in. If you would like to register, please got to the registration page, otherwise please contact emma.clifton@csiro.au

The authority used for plant names is the Australian Plant Census. Before adding a species to the list, please confirm with the Census that you have the currently accepted name.

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info This is a list of ALL vascular plants that occur in mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems in Australia. For an overview of the varying definitions of the term 'mangrove' see here.

Vascular Plants
Genus Species Infraspecies Family Fidelity* Source Profile
461 taxa            
Acacia holosericea   Mimosaceae L [1] viewtopic
Acacia polystachya   Mimosaceae L [2] viewtopic
Acaena novae-zelandiae   Rosaceae   [3] viewtopic
Acanthus ebracteatus subsp. ebarbatus Acanthaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Acanthus ebracteatus subsp. ebracteatus Acanthaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Acanthus ilicifolius   Acanthaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Acrostichum speciosum   Pteridaceae M [4], [1] viewtopic
Acrostichum aureum   Pteridaceae M [5] viewtopic
Aegialitis annulata   Plumbaginaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Aegiceras corniculatum   Primulaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Aeonium arboreum   Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Aeonium haworthii   Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Agrostis stolonifera   Poaceae L [6] viewtopic
Aira caryophyllea   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Aira elegantissima   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Allophylus cobbe   Sapindaceae L? [2] viewtopic
Amyema cambagei   Loranthaceae L [7] viewtopic
Amyema conspicua subsp. conspicua Loranthaceae   [2] viewtopic
Amyema glabra   Loranthaceae M [8] (as A. glabrum) viewtopic
Amyema mackayensis   Loranthaceae H [1] viewtopic
Amyema thalassia   Loranthaceae H [2], [1] viewtopic
Angianthus preissianus   Asteraceae M [6] (also as A. eriocephalus), [9], [3] viewtopic
Annona glabra   Annonaceae L [10] viewtopic
Apium annuum   Apiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Apium prostratum   Apiaceae M [6], [9] viewtopic
Apium prostratum var. filiforme Apiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Apium prostratum var. prostratum Apiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Apodasmia brownii   Restionaceae L [6] (as Leptocarpus brownii) viewtopic
Aptenia cordifolia   Aizoaceae   [3] viewtopic
Asperula conferta   Rubiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Aster subulatus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Arctotheca calendula   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Atractocarpus fitzalanii   Rubiaceae L [11] (as Randia fitzalani) viewtopic
Atriplex australasica   Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Atriplex billardierei   Chenopodiaceae M [9] (as Theleophyton billardieri) viewtopic
Atriplex cinerea   Chenopodiaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic
Atriplex paludosa   Chenopodiaceae L-M [9], [6], [3] viewtopic
Atriplex prostrata   Chenopodiaceae L [2], [6] (as A. hastata), [3] viewtopic
Atriplex semibaccata   Chenopodiaceae M [12], [3] viewtopic
Atriplex suberecta   Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Austrostipa bigeniculata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Austrostipa flavescens   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Austrostipa stipoides   Poaceae L [6] (as Stipa stipoides), [3] viewtopic
Avena barbata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Avena sterilis subsp. ludoviciana Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Avicennia integra   Acanthaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Avicennia marina subsp. australasica Acanthaceae H [4] viewtopic
Avicennia marina subsp. eucalyptifolia Acanthaceae H [4] viewtopic
Avicennia marina subsp. marina Acanthaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Baccharis halimifolia   Asteraceae L? [13] viewtopic
Barringtonia acutangula   Lecythidaceae L [14], [1] viewtopic
Barringtonia racemosa   Lecythidaceae M [4] viewtopic
Batis argillicola   Bataceae M [12], [15], [16], [1] viewtopic
Baumea juncea   Cyperaceae L [17] (as Cladium junceum), [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Brachyscome graminea   Asteraceae L [6] (as Brachycome graminea) viewtopic
Brachyscome perpusilla   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Briza maxima   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Bromus diandrus   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Bromus hordeaceus   Poaceae   [3] (as B. hordeaceus subsp. hordeaceus) viewtopic
Bromus madritensis   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Bruguiera cylindrica   Rhizophoraceae H [4] viewtopic
Bruguiera exaristata   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Bruguiera gymnorhiza   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Bruguiera parviflora   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Bruguiera X rhynchopetala   Rhizophoraceae H [4] viewtopic
Bruguiera sexangula   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Cakile maritima subsp. maritima Brassicaceae   [3] viewtopic
Calophyllum sp.   Clusiaceae M-L [4]  
Camptostemon schultzii   Malvaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Capparis sepiaria   Capparaceae L [1] viewtopic
Carduus pycnocephalus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Carduus tenuiflorus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Carex pumila   Cyperaceae   [3] viewtopic
Carparomorchis baileyi   Orchidaceae M? [2] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Carpobrotus aequilaterus X rossii   Aizoaceae   [3]  
Carpobrotus edulis   Aizoaceae L [12], [6] viewtopic
Carpobrotus glaucescens   Aizoaceae L [12] viewtopic
Carpobrotus rossii   Aizoaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic
Cassytha filiformis   Lauraceae L? [2] viewtopic
Casuarina equisetifolia   Casuarinaceae L [1] viewtopic
Casuarina glauca   Casuarinaceae M [17], [18], [19], [3] viewtopic
Catapodium rigidum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cathormion umbellatum   Fabaceae L [1] viewtopic
Cathormion umbellatum subsp. moniliforme Fabaceae L [2] viewtopic
Cayratia maritima   Vitaceae L [2] viewtopic
Cenchrus clandestinus   Poaceae   [3] (as Pennisetum clandestinum) viewtopic
Centaurium tenuiflorum   Gentianaceae   [3] viewtopic
Centipeda minima   Asteraceae L [6] viewtopic
Centrolepis aristata   Centrolepidaceae   [3] viewtopic
Centrolepis polygyna   Centrolepidaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cerbera manghas   Apocynaceae M [4], [1] viewtopic
Ceriops australis   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Ceriops pseudodecandra   Rhizophoraceae H [4] (as Ceriops decandra), [1] (as Ceriops decandra), [20] viewtopic
Ceriops tagal   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Chenopodium glaucum   Chenopodiaceae M [6] (as ssp. ambiguum), [3] viewtopic
Chenopodium macrospermum   Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Chenopodium murale   Chenopodiaceae   [12], [3] viewtopic
Chloris truncata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cicendia filiformis   Gentianaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cicendia quadrangularis   Gentianaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cirsium vulgare   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Cladium mariscus   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Clerodendrum inerme   Lamiaceae H?-M [8], [4], [1] viewtopic
Colubrina asiatica   Rhamnaceae L [1] viewtopic
Conyza bonariensis   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Conyza sumatrensis   Asteraceae   [3] (as var. sumatrensis) viewtopic
Conyza spp.   Asteraceae   [12]  
Cordia dichotoma   Boraginaceae L [1] viewtopic
Cortaderia jubata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cortaderia selloana   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cotula bipinnata   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Cotula coronopifolia   Asteraceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Cotula vulgaris var. australasica Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Cotyledon orbiculata   Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Crassula decumbens var. decumbens Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Crassula natans var. minus Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Crassula tetragona subsp. robusta Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Crassula tetramera   Crassulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cressa australis   Convolvulaceae L? [2] viewtopic
Crinum pedunculatum   Amaryllidaceae M? [21] viewtopic
Cuscuta planiflora   Convolvulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cuscuta tasmanica   Convolvulaceae M? [6], [3] viewtopic
Cynanchum carnosum   Apocynaceae H [1] viewtopic
Cynodon dactylon   Poaceae M [12], [1] viewtopic
Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Cynometra iripa   Caesalpiniaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Cynometra ramiflora   Caesalpiniaceae M? [14] viewtopic
Cyperus dietrichiae   Cyperaceae L [2] viewtopic
Cyperus javanicus   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Cyperus laevigatus   Cyperaceae L [22] viewtopic
Cyperus polystachyos   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Cyperus stoloniferus   Cyperaceae L [1] (as C. stoloniferous) viewtopic
Dactylis glomerata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Dalbergia candenatensis   Fabaceae H [1] viewtopic
Daucus glochidiatus   Apiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Davejonesia prenticei   Orchidaceae M? [2] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Decaisnina signata   Loranthaceae L [1] viewtopic
Dendrobium canaliculatum   Orchidaceae M? [2] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Dendrobium dicuphum   Orchidaceae L [1] (as D. affine) viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Dendrobium discolor   Orchidaceae M? [2] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Derris trifoliata   Fabaceae H [1] viewtopic
Dichondra repens   Convolvulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Dillenia alata   Dilleniaceae M [4] viewtopic
Diospyros compacta   Ebenaceae M [1] viewtopic
Diospyros littorea   Ebenaceae M [4], [1] viewtopic
Diospyros geminata   Ebenaceae ? [14] (as Diospyros ferrea var. geminata ) viewtopic
Dischidia nummularia   Asclepiadaceae M? [8] viewtopic
Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum Aizoaceae M [6] (as Disphyma blackii), [9] (as Disphyma blackii), [3] viewtopic
Dissocarpus biflorus   Chenopodiaceae M [12] viewtopic
Distichlis distichophylla   Poaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Dittrichia graveolens   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic
Dockrillia calamiformis   Orchidaceae M? [2] (as Dendrobium calamiforme) viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Dolichandrone spathacea   Bignoniaceae H [4] viewtopic
Drosanthemum candens   Aizoaceae   [3] viewtopic
Durabaculum mirbelianum   Orchidaceae M? [2] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Durabaculum undulatum   Orchidaceae M? [8] viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Dysphania glomulifera subsp. eremaea Chenopodiaceae M [12] (as Dysphania littoralis) viewtopic
Echinochloa colona   Poaceae L? [2] viewtopic
Einadia nutans subsp. nutans Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Eleocharis acuta   Cyperaceae L [6] viewtopic
Eleocharis dulcis   Cyperaceae L [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Eleocharis spiralis   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Elytrigia pungens   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Elytrigia repens   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Enchylaena tomentosa   Chenopodiaceae M [9] viewtopic
Enchylaena tomentosa var. glabra Chenopodiaceae M [12] viewtopic
Epilobium billardiereanum subsp. billardiereanum Onagraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Eragrostis parviflora   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Eryngium vesiculosum   Apiaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Euphorbia paralias   Euphorbiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Excoecaria agallocha   Euphorbiaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Excoecaria ovalis   Euphorbiaceae H [4] [as E. agallocha var. ovalis], [1] [as E. agallocha var. ovalis] viewtopic
Festuca arundinacea   Poaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Ficinia nodosa   Cyperaceae M [12] (as Isolepis nodosa), [6] (as Scirpus nodosus), [3] viewtopic
Fimbristylis cymosa   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Fimbristylis ferruginea   Cyperaceae L [12], [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Fimbristylis polytrichoides   Cyperaceae M [12] viewtopic
Fimbristylis rara   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Finlaysonia obovata   Asclepiadaceae H [1] viewtopic
Flagellaria indica   Flagellariaceae L [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Frankenia pauciflora   Frankeniaceae M [9] viewtopic
Frankenia pauciflora var. gunnii Frankeniaceae   [3] viewtopic
Frankenia pulverulenta   Frankeniaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Gahnia filum   Cyperaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic
Gahnia trifida   Cyperaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Galenia pubescens var. pubescens Aizoaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Gladiolus undulatus   Iridaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Glaucium flavum   Papaveraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Gnaphalium indutum subsp. indutum Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Grastidium baileyi   Orchidaceae M? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Grastidium luteocilium   Orchidaceae M? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Gymnanthera oblonga   Asclepiadaceae L [1] viewtopic
Hainardia cylindrica   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hakea pedunculata   Proteaceae L ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Helichrysum luteoalbum   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Heliotropium europaeum   Boraginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hemichroa diandra   Amaranthaceae M [15] viewtopic
Hemichroa pentandra   Amaranthaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Heritiera littoralis   Malvaceae H [4] viewtopic
Hibiscus tiliaceus   Malvaceae M [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Holcus lanatus   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hordeum leporinum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hordeum marinum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hornungia procumbens   Brassicaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hyalosperma demissum   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hydrocotyle capillaris   Araliaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hydrocotyle medicaginoides   Araliaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hymeneria fitzalanii   Orchidaceae M? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Hypochaeris glabra   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hypochaeris radicata   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Hypoxis glabella var. glabella Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Ischaemum australe   Poaceae L [12] viewtopic
Ischaemum fragile   Poaceae L [12] viewtopic?
Isolepis cernua   Cyperaceae M [12], [6] (as Scirpus cernuus), [3] (as I. cernua var. cernua) viewtopic
Isolepis inundata   Cyperaceae L [6] (as Scirpus inundatus), [3] viewtopic?
Isolepis marginata   Cyperaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Isolepis platycarpa   Cyperaceae   [3] (as I. cernua var. platycarpa) viewtopic?
Juncus acutus subsp. acutus Juncaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Juncus articulatus   Juncaceae M [12] viewtopic
Juncus bufonius   Juncaceae M [12], [3] viewtopic
Juncus capitatus   Juncaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Juncus flavidus   Juncaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Juncus gerardii   Juncaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Juncus kraussii   Juncaceae M [17] (as J. maritimus var. australiensis), [12], [6] viewtopic
Juncus kraussii subsp. australiensis Juncaceae   [17], [18], [19], [3] viewtopic
Juncus pallidus   Juncaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Juncus planifolius   Juncaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Juncus revolutus   Juncaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Lachnagrostis aemula   Poaceae L [6] (as Agrostis aemula) viewtopic?
Lachnagrostis billardierei   Poaceae L [6] (as Agrostis billardieri) viewtopic?
Lachnagrostis billardierei subsp. billardierei Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lachnagrostis filiformis   Poaceae L [6] (as Agrostis avenacea), [3] viewtopic?
Lactuca saligna   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lactuca serriola f. serriola Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lagunaria patersonia   Malvaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lagurus ovatus   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lampranthus tegens   Aizoaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lawrencia spicata   Malvaceae H [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Lawrencia squamata   Malvaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Leontodon saxatilis   Asteraceae   [3] (as Leontodon taraxacoides subsp. taraxacoides) viewtopic?
Lepidium aschersonii   Brassicaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lepilaena bilocularis   Potamogetonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lepilaena cylindrocarpa   Potamogetonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lepilaena preissii   Potamogetonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Leptinella longipes   Asteraceae M [6] (as Cotula longipes), [3] viewtopic
Leptinella reptans   Asteraceae M [6] (as Cotula reptans) viewtopic
Leptochloa fusca subsp. fusca Poaceae L ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Lepturus repens   Poaceae L [12] viewtopic
Lilaeopsis polyantha   Apiaceae L [6] (as L. brownii), [3] viewtopic
Limonium australe   Plumbaginaceae M [12], [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Limonium companyonis   Plumbaginaceae L ANHSIR 2009, [3] viewtopic
Limonium hyblaeum   Plumbaginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Limonium solanderi   Plumbaginaceae M [12] viewtopic
Livistona benthamii   Arecaceae L [1] viewtopic
Lobelia anceps   Campanulaceae L [6] (as L. alata), [3] viewtopic
Lobelia irrigua   Campanulaceae L [6] (as Pratia platycalyx), [3] viewtopic
Lolium perenne   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lolium rigidum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lophopyrum ponticum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lotus? sp.   Fabaceae   [3]  
Lumnitzera littorea   Combretaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Lumnitzera racemosa   Combretaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Lumnitzera X rosea   Combretaceae H [4] viewtopic
Lycium ferocissimum   Solanaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Lysiana maritima   Lorantheaceae H [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Lysimachia arvensis   Primulaceae   [3] viewtopic
Lythrum hyssopifolia   Lythraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Maireana enchylaenoides   Chenopodiaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Malva arborea   Malvaceae   [3] (as M. dendromorpha) viewtopic?
Malva preissiana   Malvaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Medicago polymorpha   Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Melaleuca acacioides   Myrtaceae L [1] viewtopic
Melaleuca armillaris subsp. armillaris Myrtaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Melaleuca halmaturorum   Myrtaceae   [3] (as M. halmaturorum subsp. halmaturorum) viewtopic?
Melaleuca lanceolata   Myrtaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Melaleuca leucadendra   Myrtaceae L [1] viewtopic
Melaleuca parvistaminea   Myrtaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Melilotus indicus   Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Melilotus siculus   Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum   Aizoaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Microlepidium pilosulum   Brassicaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Microtis unifolia   Orchidaceae   [3] viewtopic? [APC status TBC]
Millettia pinnata   Fabaceae L ANHSIR 2009 [as Pongamia pinnata] viewtopic
Mimulus repens   Scrophulariaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Moraea flaccida   Iridaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Morinda sp.   Rubiaceae M-L [4]  
Muehlenbeckia adpressa   Polygonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Muehlenbeckia florulenta   Polygonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Muellerolimon salicorniaceum   Plumbaginaceae M? [23] (as Limonium salicorniaceum) viewtopic
Myoporum acuminatum   Myoporaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Myoporum insulare   Myoporaceae L? ANHSIR 2009, [3] viewtopic
Myrmecodia beccarii   Rubiaceae M? [8] viewtopic
Nassella trichotoma   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Nephrolepis acutifolia   Lomariopsidaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Nertera granadensis   Rubiaceae L [6] (as N. depressa) viewtopic? [APC status TBC]
Nypa fruticans   Arecaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Oberonia complanata   Orchidaceae M? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Ophioglossum pendulum   Ophioglossaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Osbornia octodonta   Myrtaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Ottochloa gracillima   Poaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Oxalis perennans   Oxalidaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Oxalis pes-caprae   Oxalidaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Panicum hillmanii   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Panicum paludosum   Poaceae   [16] viewtopic
Parapholis incurva   Poaceae L-M [12], [6], [3] viewtopic
Parapholis strigosa   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Parentucellia latifolia   Orobanchaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Parkinsonia aculeata   Fabaceae L? [16] viewtopic
Paspalum vaginatum   Poaceae L [1], [3] viewtopic
Pemphis acidula   Lythraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Phalaris aquatica   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Phragmites australis   Poaceae M [12], [3] viewtopic
Plantago coronopus   Plantaginaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Plantago coronopus subsp. coronopus Plantaginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Plantago hispida   Plantaginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Plantago lanceolata   Plantaginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Pluchea indica   Asteraceae L [1] viewtopic
Poa annua   Poaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Poa labillardierei   Poaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Poa poiformis   Poaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Poa poiformis var. poiformis Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Polypogon maritimus var. subspatheaceus Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Polypogon monspeliensis   Poaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Portulaca bicolor   Portulacaceae M [12] viewtopic
Portulaca oleracea   Portulacaceae M [12], [3] viewtopic
Portulaca pilosa   Portulacaceae M [12] viewtopic
Pseudoraphis spinescens   Poaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 (as Pseudoraphis abortiva) viewtopic
Psilotum nudum   Psilotaceae M? [8] viewtopic
Psydrax odorata subsp. arnhemica Rubiaceae ? ANHSIR 2012 viewtopic
Puccinellia ciliata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Puccinellia fasciculata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Puccinellia perlaxa   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Puccinellia stricta   Poaceae M [9], [6], [3] viewtopic
Rapistrum rugosum   Brassicaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Rhagodia baccata   Chenopodiaceae M [9] viewtopic
Rhagodia candolleana   Chenopodiaceae M [6] (as R. baccata), [9] (as R. baccata, in part) viewtopic
Rhagodia candolleana subsp. candolleana Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Rhizophora apiculata   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Rhizophora X lamarckii   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Rhizophora mucronata   Rhizophoraceae H [4] viewtopic
Rhizophora stylosa   Rhizophoraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Romulea minutiflora   Iridaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Romulea rosea var. australis Iridaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Rostraria cristata   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Rumex brownii   Polygonaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Rumex conglomeratus   Polygonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Rumex crispus   Polygonaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Ruppia megacarpa   Ruppiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Ruppia polycarpa   Ruppiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Ruppia tuberosa   Ruppiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Rytidosperma caespitosum   Poaceae   [3] (as Austrodanthonia caespitosa) viewtopic
Rytidosperma racemosum   Poaceae   [3] (as Austrodanthonia racemosa) viewtopic
Rytidosperma setaceum   Poaceae   [3] (as Austrodanthonia setacea) viewtopic
Sagina maritima   Caryophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Salsola australis   Chenopodiaceae L [12] (as S. kali), [3] (as S. tragus subsp. pontica) viewtopic?
Salsola tragus   Chenopodiaceae L [1] viewtopic
Samolus repens   Primulaceae M [17], [6], [9], [12], [3] (as Samolus repens var. repens) viewtopic
Sarcocornia blackiana   Chenopodiaceae M-H [6] (as Salicornia blackiana), [9] (as Salicornia blackiana), [3] viewtopic
Sarcocornia quinqueflora   Chenopodiaceae M [17] (as Salicornia australis), [6] (as Salicornia quinqueflora), [9] (as Salicornia quinqueflora), [12] viewtopic
Sarcocornia quinqueflora subsp. quinqueflora Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Scaevola taccada   Goodeniaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 (as Scaevola sericea) viewtopic
Schenkia australis   Gentianaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Schoenoplectus litoralis   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Schoenoplectus pungens   Cyperaceae L [6] (as Scirpus pungens and Scirpus americanus), [3] viewtopic?
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani   Cyperaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Schoenorchis micrantha   Orchidaceae M? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic [APC status TBC]
Schoenus nitens   Cyperaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic
Scirpus maritimus   Cyperaceae M [9] viewtopic
Sclerolaena spp.   Chenopodiaceae L [12]  
Scorzonera laciniata var. calcitrapifolia Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Scorzonera laciniata var. laciniata Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Scyphiphora hydrophylacea   Rubiaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Sebaea albidiflora   Gentianaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Sebaea ovata   Gentianaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Selliera radicans   Goodeniaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Senecio glomeratus subsp. glomeratus Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Senecio halophilus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Senecio pinnatifolius var. lanceolatus Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Senecio pinnatifolius var. maritimus Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Senecio pinnatifolius var. pinnatifolius Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Senecio vulgaris   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sesbania cannabina   Fabaceae L? ANHSIR 2009, [3] viewtopic
Sesuvium portulacastrum   Aizoaceae M [12], [1] viewtopic
Solanum furcatum   Solanaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sonchus asper   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sonchus hydrophilus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sonchus oleraceus   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sonneratia alba   Lythraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Sonneratia caseolaris   Lythraceae H [4] viewtopic
Sonneratia X gulngai   Lythraceae H [4] viewtopic
Sonneratia lanceolata   Lythraceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Sonneratia ovata   Lythraceae H Duke, pers. comm. June 2010 viewtopic
Sonneratia X urama   Lythraceae H [4] viewtopic
Sophora tomentosa   Fabaceae L [1] viewtopic
Spartina anglica   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Spartina X townsendii   Poaceae H [23], [6], [3] viewtopic
Spergularia bocconei   Caryophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Spergularia brevifolia   Caryophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Spergularia marina   Caryophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Spergularia media   Caryophyllaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Spergularia rubra   Caryophyllaceae M [12], [3] viewtopic
Spergularia tasmanica   Caryophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Sphaeranthus africanus   Asteraceae L [1] viewtopic
Spinifex longifolius   Poaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Sporobolus virginicus   Poaceae M [17], [19], [12], [3], [1] viewtopic
Suaeda arbusculoides   Chenopodiaceae M [12], [1] viewtopic
Suaeda australis   Chenopodiaceae M [17], [19], [12], [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Suaeda baccifera   Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Tecticornia arbuscula   Chenopodiaceae M [6] (as Arthrocnemum arbuscula), [9] (as Arthrocnemum arbusculum), [3] viewtopic
Tecticornia australasica   Chenopodiaceae M [18], [19] (as Arthrocnemum australasicum), [12], [1] viewtopic
Tecticornia halocnemoides   Chenopodiaceae M [12] (as Halosarcia halocnemoides), [1] (as Halosarcia halocnemoides) viewtopic
Tecticornia halocnemoides subsp. halocnemoides Chenopodiaceae L? ANHSIR 2009, [3] viewtopic
Tecticornia indica   Chenopodiaceae M [12] (as Halosarcia indica), [1] (as Halosarcia indica) viewtopic
Tecticornia indica subsp. julacea Chenopodiaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Tecticornia indica subsp. leiostachya Chenopodiaceae M [9] (as Arthrocnemum leiostachyum) viewtopic
Tecticornia pergranulata   Chenopodiaceae M [12], [9] (as Arthrocnemum halocnemoides var. pergranulatum) viewtopic
Tecticornia pergranulata subsp. pergranulata Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic
Tecticornia pterygosperma   Chenopodiaceae M? [23] (as Halosarcia pterygosperma) viewtopic
Tecticornia sp. Connewarre (A.C.Beauglehole 70251)   Chenopodiaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Tephrosia sp.   Fabaceae L? ANHSIR 2009  
Tetragonia implexicoma   Aizoaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic?
Tetragonia tetragonioides   Aizoaceae L [12] viewtopic
Themeda triandra   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Thespesia populneoides   Malvaceae M [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Thespidium basiflorum   Asteraceae L [1] viewtopic
Thinopyrum junceiforme   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Thoracostachyum sumatranum   Cyperaceae L [1] viewtopic
Threlkeldia diffusa   Chenopodiaceae M [9], [3] viewtopic
Thuarea involuta   Poaceae L [12] viewtopic
Tragopogon porrifolius   Asteraceae   [3] viewtopic?
Trianthema spp.   Aizoaceae L [12]  
Tribolium acutiflorum   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Trifolium angustifolium var. angustifolium Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Trifolium arvense var. arvense Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Trifolium campestre var. campestre Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Trifolium fragiferum var. fragiferum Fabaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Triglochin centrocarpa   Juncaginaceae L [6] viewtopic?
Triglochin minutissima   Juncaginaceae L [6], [3] viewtopic
Triglochin mucronata   Juncaginaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Triglochin striata   Juncaginaceae M ANHSIR 2009, [17], [19], [12], [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Tristellateia australasiae   Malpighiaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Typha domingensis   Typhaceae L [1] viewtopic
Vandasina retusa   Fabaceae L? ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Vellereophyton dealbatum   Asteraceae L [6] (as Gnaphalium candidissimum) viewtopic?
Viscum articulatum   Viscaceae M? [8] viewtopic
Vittaria elongata   Vittariaceae M? [8] viewtopic
Vulpia bromoides   Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Vulpia myuros f. megalura Poaceae   [6] (as V. megalura) viewtopic?
Vulpia myuros f. myuros Poaceae   [3] viewtopic?
Wilsonia backhousei   Convolvulaceae M-H [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Wilsonia humilis   Convolvulaceae M-H [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Wilsonia rotundifolia   Convolvulaceae M [6], [9], [3] viewtopic
Xerochloa barbata   Poaceae M [9] viewtopic
Xerochloa imberbis   Poaceae L [12], [1], ANHSIR 2009 viewtopic
Xylocarpus granatum   Meliaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Xylocarpus moluccensis   Meliaceae H [4], [1] viewtopic
Zoysia macrantha   Poaceae L [12] viewtopic
Zoysia macrantha subsp. macrantha Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Zoysia macrantha subsp. walshii Poaceae   [3] viewtopic
Zoysia matrella   Poaceae H [6] viewtopic
Zygophyllum billardierei   Zygophyllaceae   [3] viewtopic?

Excluded Taxa - Vascular Plants
Genus Species Infraspecies Family Source Notes Profile
Amyema queenslandica   Loranthaceae [8] Incorrect identification (John Beasley, pers. com. Dec 2010) viewtopic

*Fidelity rankings

Species found in mangrove and saltmarsh communities are rated according to the 'fidelity' of their occurrence:

  • High fidelity - occur almost exclusively in mangrove and saltmarsh communities (obligate).
  • Medium fidelity - often occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but also occur in similar adjacent communities (facultative).
  • Low fidelity - occasionally occur in mangrove and saltmarsh communities, but not regularly (transitory, marginal).
These categories are to some degree subjective and may vary regionally so that species may end up in more than one category.

http://dbpedia.org/page/Plant http://dbpedia.org/ontology/Plant http://dbpedia.org/resource/Plant


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