Using the TRIN Wiki

wip The TRIN Wiki is run under Foswiki software. This page is designed to assist users to get started with Foswiki basics and provides other background information with regard to the conventions and obligations which pertain to those who choose to use the

TRIN help and guidelines

The following links provide guidelines for editing and resources to help you get started editing existing pages, creating new pages etc.

Foswiki help and guidelines

Common tasks

Some common tasks associated with using or maintaining the TRIN

  • The TRIN wiki home page is called Main.
  • Main is listed its alphabetic position in the TRIN wiki in the left side menu bar
  • The TRIN Home link in the left menu bar goes to Main

Registration, logging on, changing passwords

Editing an existing page

Convert a document from Word to Foswiki

  • Convert existing input from Microsoft Word to Foswiki markup language, maintaining some degree of formatting.

Creating a new page

Attaching Files and Images

Inserting images

Deleting Attachments

Move unwanted Attachments to web Trash, topic TrashAttachment.

Twiki Forms

Quick 1,2,3 on how to create Foswiki Forms Applications?.

Advanced tasks

Advanced tasks are usually undertaken by wiki administrators. Some documentation is available.

Other utilities

This site is running Foswiki version v1.2.0_999, Plugin API version 2.3

To learn more about Foswiki, visit the Foswiki web. Please ensure that the read/write permissions for each web on your site match your access control policies (see SitePermissions and System.PreferenceSettings). Replace this text with a description of your new TRIN Wiki site.

Main Web Utilities

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